Filename Size & Description 23 kb. Klingon - English dictionary in txt-format. 133 kb. The Galactic Phrasebook, a Klingon study program. 130 kb. Klingon klock for Windows. 3 kb. Pronunciation instructions for the Klingon language (txt-format). 128 kb. Klingon startup- and shutdown screens for Windows 95. 30 kb. An introduction to the Klingon language. 188 kb. Klingon texteditor, freeware. 14 kb. A simple drill program for tlhIngan Hol (the Klingon language). 155 kb. Klingon - English translator, shareware.
Kligon Language Analyzer Windows based test editor, with a Klingon translator
Klingon flashcards - KLIFLASH V.4 A Klingon FlashCard Program
mu' HaqwI' Program which analyzes words of the Klingon language for their components, suffixes, prefixes etc. It is also a dictionary and the GUI version even comes with some handy charts built in.
MR Klingon Java Translator Java program. It also has a dictionary built in.
Stardate Calendar Stardate Calendar
Stardate Clock & Converter for the Conventional Century Stardate Clock & Converter for the Conventional Century